Tetra4D Converter is the world’s leading solution for converting native 3D CAD data into interactive 3D PDF documents that can be shared with anyone.    Sharing your design with non-CAD users or those without a seat of CAD software is often difficult.

  Tetra4D Enrich is the only solution that allows anyone to create data rich, interactive 3D PDFs inside of Adobe® Acrobat® Pro without needing programming expertise.
  Speed communication and reduce cycle time with data rich, interactive 3D PDFs from Tetra4D.

Tetra4D - 3D PDF exporter from USA

  The Tetra4D® brand evolved out of a collaboration between independent software developers and Tech Soft 3D, the exclusive Adobe® partner responsible for delivering 3D technologies to Adobe OEM developers. The Tetra4D brand is now wholly owned by Tech Soft 3D, and Tetra4D products are offered alongside the company’s complementary HOOPS product lines.

  The Tetra4D brand continues to build off of the organizational strength, technical innovation and market expertise that have characterized Tech Soft 3D since its founding in 1996...

  In 2019, Tetra4D supports the new format - revit which is the most popular CAD file in AEC industry, and HTML5 also becomes the new export format in Tetra4D Automate product. it will help engineers to enhance the BIM Lightweiht in AEC industry.


  Tetra4D Automate is a simple server solution to automatically generating data rich, interactive 3D PDF documents from PDM/PLM systems or internal storage networks.
  Improve communication and collaboration in the extended-enterprise with streamlined, automatic 3D PDF creation.

  Tetra4D 3D Import Formats:

  Tetra4D 3D Export Formats: